We have an App for That!

We are excited about the launch of our new smartphone app for our clients. We know our clients have found it so versatile and helpful that we recommend it for all our smartphone carrying clients. Check out some of the great features below.


Your Insurance Policy in your pocket

All your policy information in the palm of your hand. Once you download Insurance Agent to your phone all your policy information will download from our system into your phone. You will have your electronic Auto ID card whenever you need it. This app is a lot more than just an electronic ID card holder.

Auto and Accident help on the spot

Accidents happen and when they do it is important to get and give the correct information so you are protected. Your Insurance Agent app will walk you through the steps to make sure you are gathering the right information. You can take pictures of their car, ID cards, and plates, create and accident report with your exact location and then share it with us or the carrier with a click of button.  Your ID cards are on your phone so, providing proof you’re insured is easy.

Also, if you need a tow truck you can click call one and the geo-locator will find you the nearest one to assist you. You can even use this app if you are just broken down and need your tire changed.

And most importantly we want you to call us so we can make sure you are okay so, just click the “Agent Tab” we are here to help you.

Home inventory made easy

Why do I need an inventory of all my stuff ? Some may ask. This is one of the most important things you can do to make sure ALL your stuff is covered when your place burns to the ground or is wiped from the face of the earth in a tornado.  When you have a loss you need to provide proof of every item you had to the insurance adjuster. Sure it’s easy to recall the big items (Couch, T.V, Dinner table, etc.). But, how many T-shirts, socks, and underwear did you have? How many movies, CDs, and games did you have? Those things were not free when you got them so don’t short yourself. Take a picture. Remember you’re in shock as you just lost everything, and it will be hard to recall EVERYTHING you just lost.

It does not have to be perfect and we will help guide you on how to get it done quickly. Also, the nice thing is as you start knocking it out you can click a button and share it with us so we have it in your file.


Click the App Store / Google Play link provided in the email we sent you or at the top of this webpage.  This will take you to the selected store so you can download the app.


After downloading the app, you will presented with this registration screen. Since this will be your 1st time using the app please click the ” Register button”.


Register with your preferred email address and password. You might want to consider creating a new “family” email address so that your entire family can use the app. The email we have in our system for you is what links your data to app FYI. ALLOW NOTIFICATION PLEASE.


Once you see my logo that means you are in. It might take a few hours for your data to download to app. Make sure you look at the home inventory tool.  If you have any feedback on how we can make the app better please let us know.

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