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Your beer is like a baby that you have nurtured from grains, through the fermenting process, to the final amazing innovation you call your masterpiece. Whether you’re ready to move out of your garage into your first building or you have been a brew master producing 90,000 barrels per year,we will talk with you about your ultimate goals and dreams for your beer. We will then craft a Brewery Insurance program that aligns with your goals and the risks it may face.


Just because some agent said they have an Insurance carrier that does “Craft Brewery Insurance”does not mean it’s the right policy for your business. It could be missing key overages that could put your brewery at risk. The brewing industry is exploding and Insurance companies are seeing this as a new growing market to write business in, problem is many are just guessing what a Brewery needs as far as coverage and throwing a  Brewery Insurance program together without really understanding your industry or your true needs.
Only a few truly “get it” and have created unique coverages for you and your industry. We have hand selected these companies just like you select your hops.
If you’re tired of explaining to your agent what you really do everyday, then we are the right partner for you.
Kitto Insurance truly understands your business and the process it takes to make that amazing brew.
Don’t just trust any agent with your dreams.
Kitto Insurance provides Craft brewery Insurance in Indiana, Michigan, Colorado, Illinois, Ohio & Pennsylvania. If you don’t see your State listed just give us a call and we will be happy to get licensed for you.







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